I have over ten years of experience with editing in the humanities. In my capacity as senior editor at the European Review of History, I have edited hundreds of articles and special issues. As an independent editor, I have edited book manuscripts for Central European University Press, Palgrave Macmillan, Brill, Peter Lang, the Litmann Library of Jewish Civilization, the History Department of Central European University and Amsterdam University Press.

My expertise covers the following subject areas within the humanities:

- Modern history
- European history
- Jewish Studies
- Literary Studies
- Gender Studies
- East Central European history
- Cold War Studies
- Intellectual history
- Holocaust Studies
- Conceptual history
- Hungarian Studies
- Transnational history
- Migration Studies
- Histories of Violence
- Cultural Studies

And the following languages:

- Dutch
- English
- Norwegian
- Hungarian
- Hebrew
- French
- German
- Italian

While I edit in English and Dutch, I read, translate, and correct the other languages, too. Besides book manuscripts and articles, I am open to editing other academic texts – fellowship proposals, conference reports, Curriculum Vitae – or creative non-fiction. Get in touch with your specific query and we will discuss the options.