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Azarel Press is an independent press dedicated to academic editing in the humanities and literary translation. Founded in 2017 in Amsterdam by Ilse Josepha Lazaroms, Azarel Press is embedded in a truly world-class network of writers, translators, editors, and scholars.



Azarel Press is dedicated to academic editing in the best sense of the word: as an active process between editor and writer that brings out – in a highly readable narrative form – the scholarship that you dedicated months or years of your life to.


While research is always already an act of translation – interpreting the sources and the subtleties of what you read – I combined this skill with my passion for literature in my translations of essays, short stories, and novels.


My regular writing assignments are for Tzum | Nexus | de Nederlandse Boekengids (Dutch Review of Books). I am a board member of the Joseph Roth Genootschap. My debut novel Vinter will appear with Uitgeverij Cossee in fall 2020.


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