Research in the humanities is about human stories. Often we are propelled by the question of what these stories mean for our own lifetime. I have always felt there is a reason we delve into a subject for years on end, without necessarily finding an audience or knowing where it is going. As an author and scholar, you create the narrative you set out to write; or an entirely different one – which happens a lot.


We can discuss the directions you would like your book to take. In general, there are three levels at which we can engage with your text:

Copy Editing
When your manuscript is complete and in good shape, but needs polishing. Grammar, punctuation, consistency, and adjustment to a publisher’s style guide are the main issues here.

Stylistic Editing
When your manuscript is well under way but needs assistance in the clarification of structure and argument. In this case I will look at ways to formulate the main thesis, develop the argument and language, and clarify the author’s voice.

Developmental Editing
When you are working on your manuscript and would like thorough conceptual input about its direction. In this case, editing will address questions about structure, organization, and conceptualization of the main story.

* If you would like a sense of my editing style before committing to a project, you are welcome to send me a brief excerpt to proof-edit. We will discuss your work and expectations in detail before we set to work.